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CopyRight ?? 2018 Jiangsu sharpness composite materials science and technology group co., LTD Page. All rights reserved  SueICPTo prepare00000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-0000049247Number-1   The website construction£ºFounded in powerChangzhou


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The company was set up£¬So far21Years

Continuous16In three top ten industrial enterprises

Annual sales6More than hundred million yuan

6Hundred million

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Jiangsu edge technology group co., LTD. Was established in composite materials1997Years£¬The company is located in jiangsu yangzhong new town huangshan industrial park£¬The company covers an area of00000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-00000000Square meters£¬The construction area69000Square meters£¬The existing staff518People£¬Dr1Name£¬A master's degree3Name£¬Bachelor degree or above125People¡£Annual sales6More than hundred million yuan£¬Products are exported to Europe¡¢The United States and southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions£¬The company continuously16Years is situated in yangzhong city government awarded the honorary title of three top ten industrial enterprises¡£

  • ¡°Front row£¬Mans ourself in the future¡±Cutting edge technology and transformation and upgrading20Anniversary celebration meeting grand award ceremony held


    11Month18Half a day 3 PM£¬¡°Front row all mans ourself in the future¡±The awards ceremony held in jun tai grand hotel royal Thai hall¡£China machine tool industry association branch secretary-general Chen Yuandong coated with grinding tool¡¢Senior adviser Wang Mingyuan¡¢Coated with abrasive branch expert committee, director of the committee£¬Dean wen-jun zou hebut large materials¡¢Coated with abrasive section products, director of the committee£¬Qi and chairman takanami¡¢Group chairman rong-sheng wang¡¢Japan, wu zhong, President capital¡¢Indonesia's commerce ministry former vice minister£¬Now consultant associationSubagyoarissoekadak¡¢IndonesiaPT.EkamantIn

  • In jiangsu province6#Production of disposable pilot run successfully


    Passing by15Months of struggling£¬In the engineering and technical personnel and under the joint efforts of foreign experts£¬In jiangsu province6#Project in production line5Month22Pilot run smoothly£¡This is jiangsu is committed to the product structure adjustment£¬Enterprise transformation and upgrading of another important step¡£

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Sharpness group development plan and new product launch successfully held
4Month8Day£¬Jiangsu sharpness composite materials technology group co., LTD in jiangsu yangzhong company development plan and new product launch£¬Representatives of dealers from all over the country and industry guests, nearly hundred people attended the conference¡£
A solemn statement
A solemn statement??A few days ago£¬The company found some domestic researchers in sharpness group branch or abilities under the banner of science and technology commissions foreign contracted production-oriented enterprises£¬This behavior will be serious damage to group interests and business reputation£¬And give an uninformed clients caused immeasurable loss¡£For the infringement£¬The company is now statement is as follows:1¡¢The company has never been in production base£¨Yangzhong, jiangsu province science and technology park£©Any area set up branch company production and sales of coated abrasive products£»2¡¢The company has never authorized any domestic manufacturers in the name of the edge group production and sales of coated abrasive products£»3¡¢Friendship
¡°the Belt and Roa¡±The coated with abrasive opportunities and challenges in China
President xi jinping2013Years9During the month to visit¡°the Belt and Roa¡±Initiative£¬Not only produced a strong response from people in all countries opinion£¬And in the various operational departments get a positive response¡£For more than three years£¬In implementing this initiative in constantly to overcome difficulties and achieved fruitful results£¬¡°the Belt and Roa"Economic zone after opening£¬Contracting engineering breakthroughs3000A£¬¡°the Belt and Roa¡±The development of the potential and prospect attention look forward to¡£
Jiangsu science and technology park opening ceremony was held
3Month21Monday morning£¬The sun is shining£¬Flags flying¡£Edge science and technology park opening ceremony was held in sharpness group£¬Enterprise is located the town leaders¡¢Coated abrasive association¡¢China coated with abrasive network and industry colleagues¡¢Employees¡¢Hundreds of people witnessed the quality this grand occasion¡£Yangzhong municipal party committee secretary of the pan early cloud¡¢China machine tool industry association branch secretary-general Wang Mingyuan coated with grinding tool¡¢Our tools branch committee, director of the committee members high reflection¡¢Bank of communications in zhenjiang line grandson from photos¡¢Yangzhong Feng Jinyue, director of the National People's Congress standing committee¡¢Yangzhong committee, vice secretary of the horse home - such as its leadership and jiangsu composite materials technology group co., LTD